For every penny that we invested, you invested also with artistry, dedication, perseverance, knowledge and vision. For all of these things, we will be eternally grateful. Thank you for your professionalism throughout the design, contract negotiations, and construction phases of our project. I have never had the pleasure of working with anyone of your level of professionalism. You have made it even more clear to me what a professional is and does, and you have inspired me to work to achieve a higher level of patient satisfaction within my own practice --DH
We constantly are told by people who visit, that we have the nicest and most exciting office that they have ever seen. Your expertise in dental office architecture became obvious to me from the very first time we met. --RH
How do you thank someone who created a masterpiece? You are truly a visionary but also a genius. --DT & NT
The key piece that makes Don's architectural work so unique and special is that he listens as both a professional and a person -- and with a refined taste in both roles. The final work -- our house -- is something we marvel at practically every day, wondering how Don could make us look so good. --SH & RH
In both his work and in his personal dealings, Don exemplifies honesty, integrity, and professionalism. In a profession renowned for focusing on design without regard for cost or schedules, Don works hard to complete his projects on time and on budget. Don is meticulous and detail-oriented, and thinks through every aspect of his designs. I can highly recommend him as an Architect! --ML
Your passion and integrity lives and breathes in your work. I tell everyone what a great experience it was to build a home. --TB
Don ALWAYS thinks ahead to what the needs for the office are going to be in the future, allowing for a cost efficient, timely process in the construction projects. He is a consummate professional, a tactful coordinator, and a creative designer! --DF
When a client hires DLB Architects they get a lot of Don Ė not a little of Don and a lot of an intern. These days this is the exception and not the rule. And if this isnít enough, Don is just a great person - honest, friendly, hard working, and fair. --JS
My opinion that an outstanding new-build/construction project begins and ends with an outstanding architect was confirmed. Continually, he met and then exceeded my expectations. As the years go by and the office continues to serve the needs of myself, my staff and my patients so smoothly I am even more aware of the invaluable service and skill that Don provided. --SM
He turned an eyesore into a showplace. Don is very creative and artistic yet practical and is a pleasure to work with. He was involved with all phases of construction. I truly picked the ideal architect for my needs. --WR
He has always been professional, timely, and honest. I also appreciate his creativity with design while also following a budget. --RG
Thank you for all of your support and patience, Don. Every penny spent was well worth your services. --BR
I think about how you stepped so far beyond the call of duty to make sure everything was done right. --JW
You will always be highly recommended by both of us! --AA & LA
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